Saturday, January 3, 2015

What a great Christmas (and New Year's break)!

Which has obviously extended longer that I would have liked :)

Sorry for the absence of blogging (and stamping) for that matter but it has been a much needed and restful break from work. Lots of family fun :)

What have I been up to? 

Before Christmas I went home to Victoria for a quick visit to see my mom and dad and help out a bit with some cooking and just good visiting time with them and my sister, Janice.  It was FABULOUS!  No kids and no schedule so it was all about coming and going whenever I felt like it. I brought them some Christmas baking treats, made a few meals for their freezer and did a bit of shopping with my sister. We chatted til way too late and had a great Chinese meal with everyone.  They often have these big dinner get togethers throughout the year but I always miss them but it was nice my dad planned one while I and a few nieces who are away at university were home for the holidays.

Once I returned home it was full on prep and wrapping for Christmas and then the usual over indulgence of food and board games.  The kids got Bumper Shots for Christmas and who knew that a 19.99 game would be such a hit.

And honestly I'm not sure where the last week has gone.  Probably watching World Junior hockey, a day of skiing and a few movies and now it's time to get ready for re-entry into school days.  Ick!

I can say I have been stamping a bit and have some great news of upcoming classes (yes, more than one) to share with you but that I will have to wait tomorrow. 

So hold on to your horses and be prepared for some new stamping ideas and classes to fill your January!

 Cheers and Happy New year to you!




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