Thursday, July 31, 2014

Convention Make n' Takes with Kinda Eclectic

Oh such fun trying to craft in the heat! How are you holding up?  

I guess it isn't too bad if all the doors, windows and lights are off, but that makes it interesting to stamp in the dark :)  

Luckily, I made today's creation on the weekend.  I can't remember a time when I have actually completed the make n'takes from Convention but in the past they have always had instructions.  Let's just say I had a taste of what my customers feel like when the come to classes :)

Here is the quick and easy version  . . .

And the stepped version with linen thread, cardstock vellum and a fun fancy clip.

Thanks for checking in and don't forget you can order any of the products I used to make these cards from my online store 24/7.


Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Weekly Specials

CRAZY BUSY day yesterday!! 

 I was home all of 20 min between 9:30 and 5pm.  And then to top it off Nathan went outside after dinner to roller blade and he fell on his wrist and couldn't pick up his water bottle, bend it side to side or even squeeze his hand.  Pete offered to take him so I had some reprieve.  

So I GOT nothing creative accomplished or any of my planned work done either.  That's what today is for!

Here are this week's specials.  My order is going in on August 1st so if you'd like to add anything and save on shipping or order from the clearance rack please contact me before the 1st.

Stay cool!  It's going to be a scorcher in Calgary today!

PS For those of you that may be interested here is a video of my brother in law and his progression.  Sooo cool and proud of his progress so far.  There are great things to come I know it!  IIt's the one titled "Biking to Better Health"  You may have to scroll down a bit.


PS It was just a sprain for Nathan - phew!  All I could think about was the biking and golf plans we had for this week.

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Convention Make n'Take with Amazing Birthday

 Yesterday was a fun day as I celebrated my birthday.  Confession time  . . . I kinda dislike my birthday but not for the reasons you may think.  I don't care that much about getting older  (I thought I was turning one year older than I am. Thanks to Michele for reminding me of that), but I don't like where it falls on the calendar.  
The end of July signals that the summer is half over , Aug is in a few days and you know what is coming up.  B A C K  T O  S C H O O L!  And as I kid I LOVED back to school because I loved new pens, new markers and new books but as a mom it means lunches, early mornings and not having my kids home to do fun stuff.  It also means you only have one more month to do all the things you planned to do.  So for this year I asked that Pete turn back the clock to July 1st so we could do it all again.  He said "no", but he did get us tickets to Wicked (so excited) and these pretty flowers in the background.  I did try again with my wish so we'll see when I wake up tomorrow what happens.

photo taken by Nathan the photographer
In honour of my 42nd birthday I'm going to share the Amazing Birthday Make n' Takes we did at Convention this year.  I love this set as it's so versatile because you can cut up all the banner stamp in to bits.

Amazing Birthday (w) 134225 $35.95 SALE $30.56 or (c) 134228 $25.95 SALE $22.06

And I love the detail on the note card holder.  This holder will hold 3 decorated cards.

Could you see what the note card holder was made out of?

136662 $7.95 for 10 of them!!
So cool - the new Gift Enclosure Packs are too sweet!

Oh and another funny about my birthday.  My dad called to wish me a happy birthday and he asked me how old - he guessed 46 and then he asked my mom and she said 49!  Good grief!  Guess that's what happens when you are the last of 6 kids!

Have a great day and enjoy the sun!


Monday, July 28, 2014

Convention Card class - August 17th

Hope you had a great weekend!  We had a fantastic family day at Elbow Falls on Saturday, dinner with my sister and her family and lots of baby hugs with my two great nieces.  We hadn't seen Elbow Falls since last year's flooding and it was devastating to say the least.  We were lucky to get one of the 4 picnic table spots (because we went out at 9am) but if you haven't seen Elbow Falls lately you should go check it out.  It is incredible what the power of water can do.

Okay, now back to the real reason why you check in on on my blog :)  CARDS!

I am excited to share a new Convention card class with you (I can hear some of you saying - FINALLY!). We were challenged to meet 10 new customers in August and Sept and I want to enlist your help.

This card class is a great one for beginner's and seasoned stampers alike. So I'd like your help to find me NEW STAMPERS!  Send this link, post or my information to someone you think might like to try this new hobby.  We all send cards for birthdays, anniversaries and thank yous so I know there are many more that would LOVE this craft and have a NEED for these cards!  If you have a friend join this class that is new to me or new to stamping you will save $5 off your class fee.

I received these three stamp sets at Convention and I wanted to design cards that showcased these sets.  You will create 2 cards each of 3 designs for a total of 6 cards.

Date - Sun, Aug 17
Time - 1-3 or 6-8
Cost - $15 OR if you bring a new friend to stamping you will pay only $10 for 6 cards!

** The Kinda Eclectic and Amazing Birthday stamp sets will be 15% off for this one day only!!  The Seasonally Scattered stamp is new in the Holiday Catalogue and will not be available until Aug 28th.

Amazing Birthday (w) 134225 $35.95 SALE $30.56 or (c) 134228 $25.95 SALE $22.06

Kinda Eclectic (w) 135347 $33.95 SALE 28.86 or (c) 135350 $ 24.95 SALE 21.21

Available Aug 28 - Seasonally Scattered (w) 135020 $30.95 or (c) 135023 $21.95

 I hope you can join me for this fun class and if this one doesn't work in your summer schedule be sure there will be loads more fun classes this fall!

Leave me a comment if you have interests in a specific class - Treats class for kids, Mom and Me, Home decor, Stamp a Stacks, Card buffets etc.  I'd love to hold a private class for you and your friends as well so let me know your schedule and we can plan a fun crafting night!


Thursday, July 24, 2014

Convention samples with Blendabilities

I am super excited for my Blendabilities "Try it" class tonight - woo hoo!

10 friends new and seasoned stampers that are coming to check it out!  I have a few samples from my own stash as well as Convention swaps so they will sure to be WOW'd!

Blendabilties are so easy to use and all you need is a little practice and you'll soon be colouring like a pro.

Here are some pics of cards using Blendabilties and some from classes I took while there as well. I will give credit when I know who has made them but if I'm sharing one of your samples please let me know so I can give you the credit it deserves!

Jill Olsen
Rose Marie Coleman

Plus I had to throw in some Holiday samples to whet your appetite.

If you love to colour or love the look that colouring images create Blendabilities may be for you.

The last week to take part in my Blendabilties marker share.  Contact me by August 1st.  All details can be seen here.


Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Ready . . .get set . . . go!

Home at last after an amazing Convention and a wonderful time with friends.

I want to share with you a few little "epiphanies" or "a-ha" moments I have had over the last few days/months.

1) I have made fantastic relationships since joining Stampin UP!  Customers, upline, downline and Stampin UP event friends all make my job super rewarding and fun!

2) I need to set measurable goals and work towards achieving them.  Just selling stamps and having classes doesn't get me towards my goals.  Even if I don't make the ultimate goal then there is no harm in trying for it!

3) I need to share Stampin Up MORE!  Convention reminded me how great this company is.  Our products are fantastic, the relationships I have made are beyond incredible and the inspiration and creative fulfillment when I create just one card is amazing.

They may not seem like much but going to Convention made me realize it and I want to share with you what I'm hoping to accomplish.

Last year I was able to achieve over $20,000 in sales! I almost didn't take this photo as I know I have done over $30,000 in past years (actually several times in a row).  But I'm so glad I did as my focus for last year was to achieve more balance in life and not just Stampin UP 24/7.  Thanks to all of my great customers I was able to achieve these sales while spending more time with my family. 

While I still want to achieve balance as best I can I do want to reach for this one big goal. Stampin Up announced their next grand vacation and it's a doozy!  

Can you believe it?  A cruise in the Mediterranean with stops in France, Italy and Spain!! 

So come with me on this adventure as I try my hardest to meet new stampers, new hostesses and potential demonstrators.

Swap card from Patricia Stanard


Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Blendabilties Try it class sample

I have been busy prepping for my "Try it" class on Thursday so I hope you will join me.

Here are some close ups of the samples.

Cased idea from Jill Loveland

Thursday, July 24 at 7pm

RSVP here

Thanks for checking in.


Saturday, July 19, 2014

Proud mama duck moment

Morning . . . 

Very early morning . . . 

Sorry but we were up til the wee hours chatting and partying at the awards night but I just wanted to check in and share a proud mama duck moment.

We celebrated some amazing achievements in Stampin UP last night with regards to sales, recruiting and leadership and on top of that the prestigious "Artisan Award".   This award is given to the someone super duper creative and amazing on all levels.

(drum roll)

I am soo happy and proud that my dear friend and downline, Allison Okamitsu is one of this year's Artisan winners.  How lucky am I!!!!  Monthly she will receive a whack of fun products and she is within borrowing distance!!!!!

Also another friend that I have met through Stampin UP was also chosen for the team, Krista Frattin.

Also amazing achievements for so many others occurred to many of my Canadian Stampin UP family.  Congrats to all of you!!!


Friday, July 18, 2014

Presentation complete!

It's me, tired little ol' me!

Day one recap from Convention . . .

But first I must go back a day - this was actually on rehearsal day with my sign :)

 Super amazing to see your name on there!  And your terrible picture in the convention guide!

And there were tons of seats, not all filled but it was a HUGE room.

Here is a pic of me on stage and what a RUSH!  I think most people had fun and learned a little something as many approached me afterwards to take pictures of my projects and lots of congratulations too.  That always feels nice. 

 I'm hearing just under 4000 crazy Stampin UP demonstrators and here is a taste of it.

 They started Convention off with a free stamp giveaway for all!  Then later on the reveal of the new Holiday Catalogue!

While I can't share all of the amazing products inside I am able to show a few samples with the new products.  Needless to say you are goingto want to see the Designer Series paper, stamp sets and accessories!!!   Loads of new framelits, punches and embossing folders too.

 Free on Thursday evening?  Come and check out the new Blendabilties and a sneak peek of the holiday offerings you can purchase on August 28th!  RSVP HERE

Off to another day of jam packed fun and I do mean JAM PACKED!  Join me next year, you know you want to!


Thursday, July 17, 2014

Day one at Convention!!

Greetings from Salt Lake City!!  Today is officially day one of Convention and presentation day too!!

I can finally share the projects I have been working on for my presentation on Stamps, Ink and Paper.

I used the Sweet Taffy Designer Series Paper and Pictogram Punches stamp set to make these simple cards.

And then these stepped up cards too.

I am super excited to share my Designer Series Paper book and Customer Cards with demonstrators.  I know my customers have loved them and I hope demos do to.

I will share more pics of Convention and all the great fun we are having.


Wednesday, July 16, 2014

One more swap to share

The swapping has begun and here are the last ones I made.  I ended up with 60!! Yay me!  Can't wait to bring home a ton of new cards to share with you.

I'm so happy to be here in hot Salt Lake City!  Today is rehearsal day so wish me luck!  I get to sneak peek several of the presentations today, how cool is that!

Tonight there is a fun My Paper Pumpkin night out!  Check out the latest details here for MPP.  It's now easier than ever to sign up or give as a gift.


Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Swap count at 37 and climbing

I can't believe the time is here.  Between shopping for "business casual" clothes, shoes and other fun trip things I can't believe I had time to make these.

I am in love with the Blendabilties markers and I used them on these cards.  Can you tell where?

SAVE THE DATE - I will have a "Try it" day on Thursday, July 24th at 7pm for you to "try out" the new markers.  Come to this informal night to make 2 small projects.  Information on my Blendabilties marker share, new holiday products will be revealed and door prizes to boot!

RSVP by July 21st here

Thanks for checking in!