Wednesday, September 30, 2015

I'm back from California!

I was so fortunate to have spent the past weekend in Newport Beach on a Stampin UP Getaway trip! Thank you to all my customers, friends and family for supporting me in my business!

I took my sister, Stephanie, on this trip since 1) Pete couldn't come because he had to work and 2) she has always gotten the babysitting duty on my other Stampin UP excursions. Now it was her turn. It was an amazing sister bonding trip, gorgeous weather and fun times, now I wish we could go back!

Here are a few pics of my trip.

We arrived on Thursday and the first night was a group dinner at Cucina Enoteca.  We dined with demonstrators from Hawaii, Detroit, New Brunswick and a Stampin UP corporate team member.
Each night I was greeted with a special pillow gift.
Night one was treats for us!

We had a special SU exclusive shuttle to take us to Laguna Beach.  A hot humid day but such a lovely walk along the beach, and wonderful lunch at Tommy Bahamas.

Dinner was at Cheesecake Factory - Luau salad and Avocado rolls. WOW. I forgot to take a pic of the cheesecake but trust me it was heavenly and included chocolate.
Pillow Gift #2 - OMG! A big box of great Stampin UP goodies!
I joined a late night swap with Getaway Achievers - they were all gorgeous!

Every morning we were treated to a hot breakfast buffet in the Rose Garden.  Just a tad picturesque.

And the hotel lobby had these fresh flowers greeting us each day.  The smells were sooo good.  I wish I could have bottled it and brought it home. 
A morning of paddleboarding.  A belated birthday gift from Steph.

And we didn't fall in!  That was the biggest surprise of all!

There was a bit of pool time each day.
Pillow Gift #3 - A matching tote to go with the Zipper pouch I received at the beginning of the trip with our travel documents.
Last food pic - Chowder Fries from Slap Fish.  French fries with Clam Chowder and bacon.  The Californian Poutine?

Time to head home. Thank you Stampin UP! It was amazing!

Hope you didn't mind me sharing all my vacation photos!  It was such a great trip I can't wait to earn the next one!

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