Saturday, March 19, 2016

Italy bound! Sadly not me :(

I have literally fallen off the stamping map but I want to share with you what has been happening in life. :)

After we returned home from our Victoria holiday it was time to get Andrew ready for his school trip to Italy.  Last minute list writing, clothes shopping, getting Euros, haircut, ortho appt, etc has consumed the past several days plus why not schedule 2 clubs and a Stamp a Stack in there as well. Crazy!

Two nights before he left I had a dream I boarded the plane with him. No clothes, money or passport but once I got on the plane I was mad I didn't have my crochet with me. I just re-learned to crochet in Victoria, thanks Steph. Weird, I know.  

The night before we had the suitcase packed, a mishap with the money wallet and Andrew almost strangling himself (many,many laughs later), I think he was ready to go (fingers crossed). A last minute list remembering what to do each time they check out of the hotels had my mind at ease 1) passport 2) money 3) electronics and 4) retainer. Hey, those teeth were expensive!

A last minute possible general strike in Italy had me up a few times on Friday morning checking on his plane!

Here is the proof he made it safely to Italy and definitely wasn't in Canada anymore. Just breath taking isn't it!

Milan Cathedral

I know he is going to have the time of his life and will make ever lasting memories. Just wish he would maybe check in every once in a while.  Pete tells me to just go with it. It's Andrew.  Should have put "TEXT YOUR MOM" on the list :( 

Oh well, counting down the days until he gets home and I can stop waking up at 5am checking to see IF he turned his phone on :)

Until then I plan to be stamping during spring break!

Please keep checking back and I hope to get some new cards up soon!




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  1. Hugs mama bear. Not looking forward to these days with my kids but I guess we gotta let them go sooner or later 😦