Monday, May 30, 2011


Sorry for the harsh title but it's the truth.  Whether you are returning from a weekend away scrapbooking or a week long vacation re-entry isn't pleasant. 

Yes, it was nice to come home to warm hugs from the kids (ha, ha, yeah right; instead there were a few tears and arguments as soon as we walked in the door.)  It was nice to see our house still standing (thanks Steph and Mom), dinner ready and weird as it sounds it was nice to start the over mounting laundry!  Today it will be more of the same.  

I am going to catch up on my orders from my SALE while I SAIL so look for an email from me later today.  **  I just realized that I can't send emails so it may be a bit of a delay in responding to all of you.  Not sure what's up but I'll be working on this today.

Here are a few pictures as promised. I'll try to balance the scenery pics, cruising pics and card displays over the next few days.

The display boards at the Trading Post were updated as demos brought their samples to share. They were absolutely incredible and I hope you find some inspiration in these samples.  These use the The Open Sea set and Sail Away stamp from the Summer Mini.

 I have to share one big exciting thing that greeted us first thing when we found our room.   Isn't it the coolest thing?  I loved walking down the hallways on the ship and seeing these on the doors of the cabins. It was a nice to see how many of us were on board.

Thanks for stopping by.  Don't forget to stop by tomorrow as I will have the June WOW project posted. 


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