Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Pics from Niagara Falls

Hi there

Sorry for not posting yesterday but I needed a day to recover from a whirlwind trip to Niagara Falls.  I went on a "secret" mission (okay, not so secret) to Niagara Falls with 11 other demonstrators from across Canada.  I took part in an all day strategy summit with these fantastic demos and our Stampin Up Canada manager, Dale Hampshire.  What an amazing experience and some great photos and stories from the weekend!

The view from my room.

There was a gorgeous rainbow over the falls.

The roar of the falls was so incredible. 

At night from the Skylon tower.

While I was in Ontario it was like a blizzard at home so it made it even better to be away :)

Now to get acclimated to the minus 20 temps!


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  1. Welcome Back, great to heat that you had a good time :)