Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Envelope card box instructions

After lots of requests of "how'd you do that?" I made a step by step picture tutorial on how to make the Note card box I shared yesterday.  I found this idea thanks to wonderful Google and Amy Koender's great instructions.  Thanks Amy.

 Start with an 8x8 piece of card stock.

In the envelope punch board line up the edge of the card stock at 3-1/8",  punch and score.
Move the paper to 3-7/8" and punch and score again.

 You will end up with 2 score lines and two punched shapes on one edge.

Turn your paper 90 degrees and line up the score marker edge on the first scoring line, punch and score. Repeat on the second scoring line.

Repeat on three sides of the card stock.  On the fourth side line up the score marker edge on the first scoring line - punch and score.  On the second score line JUST PUNCH- DO NOT SCORE.

** Note how the top right hand corner of the sheet shown below has only one score line.

In each of the corners trim out the excess.

 The final piece should like like this.

 Fold on the top edge and adhere down.

Here is the finished and unembellished note card box (sorry for the fuzzy picture).

And VOILA! All fancy and dressed up and ready to hold some note cards.

If you don't have the Envelope Punch board yet be sure to contact me to order yours today!


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