Friday, March 21, 2014

Best of Shelli

These presents aren't in the Best of Birthdays set but they sure do fit right in with that set!  This stamp is in the Best of Shelli set but it works with a birthday card shown here or even Christmas presents :)

Best of Shelli 1333488
 I love this dot folder!!  Leave me a comment on my blog about your favourite card I have shared thus far and be entered to win this embossing folder!!



  1. I really liked the whimsical look of your "best of birthdays" card the best I think but it was a hard decision!!

  2. I like the best of birthdays card too! Today's card was a close second . Thanks for sharing them all!

  3. Thanks for commenting! Congrats Heather for winning the Decorative Dots embossing folder!