Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Coffee, Cookie and Cards!

Sorry this wasn't posted earlier!  I was so excited about my new class I forgot to get a blog post ready.

I was all ready to go early this morning for my new Coffee, Cookie and Cards class and it was SO MUCH FUN!

 It was a success!  I loved smelling coffee in my house (as I don't drink coffee).  I can't wait for tonight's class and next month too!  

Not only did I get to share my love of card making I got to bake as well too!  There have been no complaints from my family that I HAVE to bake cookies once per month.   Remember I'm accepting recipe requests too!

This month I made Oatmeal Crispies recipe from my good friend Tammy.

 Spots are limited but if you'd like to join me next month at 7pm let me know!


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