Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Morning! Coffee anyone?

Good morning!

Happy Tuesday!  I spent Monday getting back into the groove of being home again and it didn't take me long for my desk to look like this.

Does this dispel all the myths of how tidy and organized I am?  I was busy creating possible kids crafts for Nathan's school craft night so it was a productive day and one that created lots of little bits of paper everywhere!

On to what I created in Pincher Creek.

Aren't they adorable? Can you tell what they are supposed to be?
Yep, it's a replica Tim's and Starbucks coffee cup.  And lookee what's inside? A gift card!
These are for the Lake Bonavista Craft Fair I am participating in on November 19 and 20th. 

 I made lots for teacher gifts, bus drivers, dance teachers, piano teachers, stocking stuffers and so many more possibilites.  Cost will be $1.50 each or 4/$5.  Contact me for pre-ordering larger quantities or I'll see you at the fair.


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