Thursday, December 22, 2011

Club Members gifts

Thanks for checking my blog during this Christmas season.  I am sure you are all busy like me running around getting those last minute things done.  And if not, can you come and help me wrap? Just kidding.

As a thank you to all my club members I made this little gift for them to let them know how much I appreciate them and their friendship.  My scrapbook and card making clubs are so much fun.  I love the camaraderie and friendship that is at our meetings as well as the laughs, crazy stories and of course good food.

On to my project . . .

I LOVE the Baker's Twine for little bows, hanging the jingle bells, threading hockey skate laces :) and many more things. While I love the product I'm not crazy about the packaging.  It's kinda blah and well . . . not pretty.  So one day while I was blog surfing (looking at all kinds of different blogs) I found this idea on Patty Bennett's blog.  Remember her, I got the Santa cello topper idea from her blog too.  She has great ideas and a super LOVELY lady.  I met her and her family while on the Alaskan cruise and despite the fact that they are San Jose Sharks fans, I will forgive her :) 

Enough chatter.  Here are my thank you/Christmas gifts for my club members.

I wound the baker's twine around the insides of my empty ribbons spools and placed them in the empty Stack n' Store containers. There is a hole punched on the side of the plastic container and the baker's twine fits right though the hole.  Those are my antiquated instructions but for more detailed ones go check out Patti's blog.  The 2 3/8" Scallop Circle fits great to center the spool of baker's twine and I added a small bow of the baker's twine so I know what colour is inside.

As you can see I had to make quite a few :)
 Thanks for stopping by.


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