Friday, February 18, 2011

What a fun brrrr cold day!

We started out our Teachers Convention/Family Day long weekend with a trip to COP (Canada Olympic Park.)  The kids have been asking to go skiing again and today we took that opportunity to do it - but the weather didn't exactly co-operate with our plans.  It was - 20 when we woke up but that didn't deter us and we had booked lessons for all 4 of us, so off to the hill we went.

Now I haven't skied in over 20 years or so and Pete got back on skis last year and the kids took lessons for the first time last year so it was a re-fresher course for all.  What a blast and so well worth it!  Unfortunately Pete is sicker than a dog (and still is) but he braved the day to come with us and we had the best time.  More unfortunate news though - I can barely walk now.  I'm really dreading what tomorrow will feel like :( 

Here are the pics of our great day! I know our eyes are shut in some of the pics but try taking a pic when your fingers are frozen.

Look at those smiles!

Even though it was -20!

Look at that form!

You could NOT wipe the smile off this kids face!

Daredevil Nathan tackling the freestyle course!

He won the GOLD!  No, he made a jump, one that he'd been trying all day!

 We WILL be doing this again!  

Enjoy your Teachers Convention/Family Day Long weekend!


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