Thursday, February 10, 2011

Why I love being a demonstrator?

My friend and team member Allison posted this question on her blog a couple of days ago and I just had to share my reason why I love being a demonstrator.


I have met soooooo many new friends that I NEVER would have met otherwise if it weren't for Stampin UP!  Customers, new downline and fellow demonstrators on some super fun "business" trips. Seriously, it sounds kinda corny but I truly love getting to know all the new people I have met through stamping.  AMAZING!

Of course, I love that I am lucky enough to do something I love everyday and I get to do this job from home!  How many times can you say on your "To Do" list is to make 5 cards :)  I'm super lucky!

AND this is pretty nice too.  Mr Brown brings me cool treats and I HAVE to buy all these crafting supplies because it's my JOB!  How cool is that!

Ribbons for my share!

Cardstock to create with!

FREE stamp sets for SAB!
Don't you want to have a cool job like me? 


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