Monday, February 28, 2011

Scrapbook club

I had to share some of the pics I took on Friday night at our monthly scrapbooking night.  See all the things you can learn when you come to scrapbook club.

Angela learned to sew - AND didn't stick herself with the pin!
Some before pics . . .

See that LOVELY flower!
Voila!  Page complete!

 And now album ready with gorgeous photos!

I have to admit that I do struggle each month to create a scrapbook page for my club that everyone will like or fit each and everyone's style. But thanks to Tracy she enlightened me. 

She said that she can scrapbook in her style any time from the comforts of her home but why she comes to club is so she can scrapbook NOT in her own style.  Each layout may show her a new way to use pattern paper, ribbons or a different way to make a title.  That got me thinking and feeling a little less stressed to create a page that will suit everyone's style.  Now my goal is just to show a WOW page that will try to show you something new :)  Thanks Tracy!


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