Monday, March 7, 2011

Kids Camp Masterpieces!

Although there are several months left of kids camp I have to say this was my favourite project so far! I like Brittney's comment, "I really liked when we baked at Stamp Camp, but this is my second favourite project!" Their amazing creativity astounds me!

Check it out!

Aren't they amazing!  I love the different colour choices, styles and how each of them used the materials differently.  Off to work on my Mom and Me class projects.  If you are interested in the WOW project class but missed registering for the Wed, March 16th date please contact me as I'm trying to find an available evening to have a second class.  Also the Preschool Easter Mom and Me is filling quickly, dates are posted on my Stampin UP website and at the side of my blog.  Contact me if you'd like to register.



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