Saturday, April 16, 2011

Awesome scrapbook pages!


I'm recovering from a late but super fun evening last night with my scrapbooker's.  We all had that "Friday end of the week" tiredness going on but that quickly changed when we started scrapbooking.

They made some incredible pages so here they are.  I love how the spiral punch makes a cute film strip and allows you to put LOTS of photos on a page. 

Great page and love the title!  Not sure about the colour though, might look better in Blue and Green.  Just kidding.

I can't wait to make one of these pages for Andrew and Nathan.  The orange space on the right  side is a great space for journaling.

Love, love, love the hockey sticks!  Can you see the little black paper for the tape on the sticks?  Super great colour scheme too!

Soooo sweet!  I love how this one uses those school photos and shows how much she has grown. 
  We have one more meeting for my scrapbooking club and then we'll start fresh after the summer (or maybe an August start).  If you are interested in joining a scrapbooking or cardmaking club please contact me ASAP.  I'm gathering names and trying plan for the next round.

Have a a great weekend!  


** I guess I'm keeping my blog in "Canuck fashion" for a bit.   Another win last night :)  And thanks for putting up with my sick obsession!

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