Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Multiple photo scrapbook page

It's scrapbooking time and I have a page to share.  Most of the time I find it much easier to scrapbook "girlie" pages with flowers, butterflies and ribbons, but this page came together quite quickly.  I wanted a page to show off all these great photos we took at the recent hockey game we went to. 

The spiral punch (shown on the right page) makes a cool film strip effect when you use the punch on long thin strips of paper.  Take the height of your photo and add 3/4" to the width of the strips you cut. This will allow for you to punch each side of your paper and "frame your photos" like a negative.

Behind the top photos on the left side I have a top note shape cut to put my hidden journaling on.  

This page map will work great for any theme where you want to include many photos such as a vacation, sporting event, Christmas or birthday party.   

Hope this inspires you to scrapbook today!


PS I have to share something Nathan did this weekend and I told him I would post it on my blog.  He had a writing assignment where he had to write what he would do if he were principal of his school.  Pete and I especially like the last sentence.  Go Canucks!!!

1. If I were the principal at Sam Livingston School I would make the school bigger so there would be room for two gyms instead of one.  
2. I would make math and science days fridays and gym and social studes on mondays and wednesdays.  
3. There would be bigger parks with bigger fields.
4. I would make each recess longer.
5. I would make the school blue, white and green.


  1. I think this post made them win last night.

  2. Your comment made me smile :) I could only hope I have that influence on the game.

  3. That's so cute! I think my boys would have pretty much the same ideas except for the blue, green and white! I live with 4 hard core Oilers fans who are, right now, excited to have the first pick in the draft!!! At least they have something to be excited about since their team was DEAD LAST!!! They can't bring themselves to cheer for the it's Go Canuks, Go right now! It's funny...I find it easier to scrapbook boy stuff (no flowers and girly stuff!). I guess it's good that I have all boys then, right???