Thursday, September 6, 2012

Day 2 of re-entry and some Daring Adventure cards


Well, day 2 was smoother on my front as the kids took the bus to school for the first time in a very LONG time.  I actually don't mind driving them but for some reason this year it makes sense for them to get to school on time rather than me battling traffic each and every morning.

So it went well for the first bussing day but wish me luck it continues (and they end up loving it).

So today by 7:30 I was home kidless so I ended up baking these Cranberry White Chocolate scones. I made the dough the night before.

All was done before 8:30 am!!!  So I headed to my new obsession - yoga for 9:30 and then back to do some work.  It was a fantastically productive day and I hope it continues tomorrow as well.

As promised here are a few masculine cards made with the Daring Adventure stamp set.  

Created by Colleen Vassos - I love the little flags on the side with Designer Series paper!

Created by Olivia Studley - I love the randomness!  Something I struggle with.

Sorry I don't know the creator of this great card with multiple layers and stamps!

Each card is so very different with the same set - I love it!



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