Thursday, December 13, 2012

The Good, the Bad and the Ugly . . . and some more Good

Greetings from Burns house (the home of Christmas tree stress, pine needles and more! Man, I could write an entire blog on just the darn tree alone.

Sorry for the absenteeism yesterday and the late post on Tuesday.  It's been an interesting time of it here so I'll catch you up to speed.

Here is the Good or more appropriately was the good.

Our FIRST REAL Christmas tree.  Little did we know it was dead/dying when we decorated it.  It was "sipping" water at best and the top was beginning to dry out on day 3.
 The Bad.
Having to get a new tree :( 
 The UGLY.
Having to UN-DECORATE the tree. For me, this is WORSE than going to the dentist (which I actually like.)  This is usually Pete's job after Christmas but since we are having to do it twice this year I thought I'd take my turn.
So TA DA!   Here is the new baby once the twine came off.  It's considerably bushier than the last one and the left side seems to be . . . a little eratic on the growth meter.  That side is now facing the back.  We're waiting a day or more to start decorating again.  AND I can say the tree is drinking or gulping water like crazy so that's a good sign.

So the other Good thing that has happened is . . . THIS!

Yippeee!   Two of these three boxes were my pre-order with my Spring goodies and hopefully tomorrow I can get a chance to stamp!!!  

I bet you are hoping too.

Thanks for checking in and thanks for the advice and suggestions for our tree woes.


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