Monday, December 3, 2012

A Christmasy Kids Camp weekend!

Hello peeps :)

Sorry for being somewhat absent last week but I was happy to hear from a few of you that you were worried about me and that I was missed.

This was the last 'busy' crafting weekend for me until Christmas and I have just one Mom and Me class to go on Friday and then it's vacation! Or at least hibernation for a bit so I can start planning some new classes and gear up for the spring catalogue in January.

Friday and Sat was the So Stinkin' Cute class which was SO MUCH FUN!  Sad if you missed it and yesterday was Kids Camp weekend.  I have some pics of our food craft and in between creating with food each of the kids made some cards for a fantastic Christmas card box.  They worked so hard and are such a creative bunch. 

Here are some of our melty snowmen I found on this website.  I love how each of them seem to have their own personality.

The Grandma and Grandpa.
Little kid ready for the snow

Oops I've lost my hat!

Nap time!

Ohhh I ate too much.  This one used one of those super jumbo marshmallows! Ha ha!

Of course Andrew and Nathan were eager to make one of these in between my two classes.  I didn't try it but they both enjoyed it immensely.
 Have a great Monday and check back tomorrow to see some of the card they created.


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