Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Bragging Mom post alert

I just had to share some cool news that Andrew brought home last week.

 Andrew is one of the top 51 students in Canada in this Geography Challenge.  This is for kids from Grade 7-10 (Andrew's in grade 8). 

About a month ago Andrew shared (somewhat begrudgingly) that he came first in his school in the Geography Challenge.  He participated in the provincial test and placed top 6.  Check it out here.

This all happened when my mom and dad were here so they were pretty excited and we are all pretty proud of him.  He is proud even though he doesn't show it.  He doesn't get too high or too low - no stress kind of kid.  That's our Andrew :)



  1. Thats so awesome! There's nothing wrong with being a proud mom!

  2. Way to go Andrew!!! You should be a very proud mama right now Kristine!

  3. I'll pass those congrats on to Andrew. I'm proud but nervous, and excited too!