Friday, April 19, 2013

Top 11th in the Geography Challenge!

Yesterday was Andrew's Geography Challenge and he placed with a top 11 score!  Yahoo!

We are super proud of his accomplishments!

AND not only that but today Nathan and his partner, Jade are spending the day at the Calgary Youth Science Fair.   They were tops in their school science fair back in Feb so are moving onto the CYSF this weekend. 

Good luck to them!

I just got some new rubbah so I'll play it today and and post a card this weekend.  I had a class tonight (thanks for the love and letting me know some people do read my ramblings) and then finished the night by watching the Canucks play horribly! UGH!

Here is a scrapbook page of my Geography crazed kid!  I made this one many years ago - Not your Avg 5 year old  A passion for atlases

When he was little (I mean like 5) he LOVED to read atlases.  Seriously I had to read them for bedtime books.  Choosing between atlases, dictionaries and one time I had to read a thesaurus for a bedtime book!!!

Andrew discovered this in one of his library books - North American Atlas for Teens.  Can you spot the error??
When Andrew showed this to me I said we should write the publisher a letter so we did.  To the author  My name is Andrew.  I am 5 years old.  I love to read atlases.  In one of your atlases you call Alaska, Alberta.  Better call that state Alaska next time.  This was on page 23 of your N.A. Atlas for Teens.  From Andrew B
Here we are waiting for kindergarten to start.  Yep, sitting in his car seat reading more books.
So here is the letter we received back with a COLOURING BOOK!  I guess they didn't want to give him another atlas in case he discovered another error!

Have a great weekend!



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