Friday, August 9, 2013

I did it!! I went camping . . . in a tent!

Happy Friday!

This week I went on my first camping trip!!  I went with my sister a LONG time ago (I think I was 12) but this was my first trip with Pete and the kids.  The usual routine for us is I go to Salt Lake City for Convention and Pete takes the kids camping.  Well this year we all went out together and IT WAS FUN!  

Here are some pics from my first camping adventure.

Top 3 highlights
1) Camping food - too many good things to mention - S'mores, bacon over the fire, smokies and of course some more s'mores.
2) Swimming at Radium Hot Springs
3) Everything else including the last night when a huge storm rolled in and we had super loud thunder and pouring rain

Ready or not here I am!

The kids love their Yes and Know books we found at Radium Hot Springs.

My boys :)

The traditional ice cream after swimming - EVERY TIME or I'm told.

Just a few Big Horn Sheep near the camp site.

The full camping experience.  Pete trusted me with the ax, but maybe not the best footwear.

Dishes here or at home I'm there! 

More wild life.

Hiding out in the tent just before the storm hit.  A mean game of Uno brewing!

Half way through our short hike before we headed home. 
I had a great time and we are definitely going again next year!

Hope you enjoyed this snippet of my family time.  I've tried hard to do a lot of things with the kids this summer while still getting some work done here and there.

I'm looking forward to a weekend of work.  Stamping ALL day on Saturday and Sunday is my card buffet. I still have spots if you'd like to come and create!  Contact me!


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  1. Kristine ... I am beyond impressed!!! So glad that you had fun too!!!