Friday, August 30, 2013

Remember me?

Let me introduce myself   . . .

Ha, ha kidding, well sort of.

I'm sure you probably guessed by now but we were away. Now we are finally back from our almost two week vacation extravaganza!  There were 5 cities, 3 different hotels, a tent trailer and a basement all involved in our travels but it was an amazing two weeks of family time, sight seeing, museums, boat tours and of course shopping!  More than the kids wanted too but they got their share of new purchases too (LEGO!!!)

So I'll be back to my regular blogging next week after I get these kids settled into a back to school bedtime!  

If you are free I have some spots for my card buffet on Saturday from 1-5pm.  Email me or give me a call if you are interested!

$5 for your spot fee and you pay just $2.50 per card you make.

 Have a great long weekend and I'll "see" you soon!


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