Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Undefined - My first carving!! ( a little long)

You know when you have a list of 100 things to do but the only thing you REALLY want to do is not on your list?  

That was me on Tuesday!

I have been totally awe-inspired by my downline, Allison Okamitsu and what she has done lately with the new Stampin UP product Undefined.  She has become addicted to carving and I'm completely jealous with what she has done with a little bit of rubber! Go check out her blog!

My Undefined kit arrived and of course I had NO ideas or inspirations on what to carve.  Ok, the usual hockey ideas came to mind and of course, the Canucks logo too but nothing that was CALLING to me.  And then I was folding laundry Tues morning and Voila - The inspiration!  Nathan's Darth Vader t-shirt!  


I found an image online (I was not going to attempt this free hand).  I showed Nathan and his response was "Are you sure, Mom?  It looks a little tricky."  Such faith.  Well, I started and quickly realized I should not have started with Darth.  A nice star or heart would have been good. 

After a 10-15 minutes (really, I'm not kidding) I had this.


It was looking pretty rough on the rubber side but inked it up and it wasn't too bad.  I had Nathan come and 'accuracy' check it and then inked the wood with my very first hand carved stamp.

Here is my first Darth card.

I used the Photopolymer stamp set Designer Typeset  (132956 - $16.95) for the words.  What a great way to say ANYTHING I want!

Check out this Stampin' UP Video sharing the new Undefined Kit!

 Get yours today!  

133402 - $25.95
And don't forget to add the refill kit because once you do one you'll want to do more.
134808 - $12.95 Just the rubber, wood and mounting pieces to make more stamps!
I can't wait to make more Darth cards to share with you.  Stay tuned!


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  1. AWESOME! Darth turned out amazing! Way to go! And thanks so much for the shout out!