Thursday, May 1, 2014

Catalogue Premiere night!

** Oops this was supposed to post on the first - sorry!

What an amazing night last night at the Catalogue Premiere!  You are going to be amazed at all the fantastic and wonderful goodies inside the new catalogue!

We were treated with an advance copy of the catalogue (I'm ordering customer copies today) as well as treats and PRIZE PATROL for attendees.

 I made these cute gift card holders for everyone on my team in attendance plus a wish list sheet, fancy pen and some post its to flag their first purchases!!

I had 19 in attendance in Calgary and 2 downline in Vancouver!!  Awesomeness!
Missing from the photo are Jenn, Vicki, Avery, Joan, Kari, Heather, and Evonne (can you believe she missed this to have her BABY)  Congrats Evonne!

 Have a great weekend!  Again my apologies for my scattered posts but family commitments are taking over for now.  Cheers, K     


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