Monday, November 3, 2014

Creative Blog Hop!

Hope you had a fantastic weekend!  Snow arrived in Calgary (somewhat unexpectedly) but I guess it is November so it should be expected. We had hockey on Saturday but a nice relaxing afternoon, a game of Monopoly in which I was destroyed and some great family time too. Love those weekends!

Last week I was excited to be nominated by my good friend and fellow demo, Rose Coleman. Rose is an uber creative demo and her blog is super inspirational so go check it out.

Here are the 4 questions I need to answer plus a few creative pics:

1) What am I working on right now?

What am I not working on is a better question! November signals the start of Christmas fair time. I have one large fair that I participate in annually and this year I added one more at the beginning of December. It means many of hours creating craft fair items to sell but I love it! Grinch gum, snowman kisses, fancy ornaments and tons and tons of chocolates wrapped and ready to stuff into stockings. Come visit me on 
November 15 - 16 from 11- 4
Lake Bonavista Craft Fair in Calgary 
1401 Acadia Drive SE 


 Dec 6 from 10 - 6  
 Strathcona, Christie, Aspen Community Center 
 277 Strathcona Drive SW.

2) How does my work differ from others in my genre?

Ooo, a hard question.  I think my work varies depending on who I'm creating it for. I like clean and simple lines but I also love intricate folds and challenging myself as well. If I'm creating for a stamp a stack it's fancy and quick but if it's for club or one of my WOW classes I know I can go over the top!

Something simple . . .

 And a little more over the top!

 3) Why do I create what I do?

I love paper! No simpler way to express it than that! I love spending time in my craft room creating for clubs and classes but especially my kids classes!  

I'm a teacher by trade and "retired" from teaching about 4 years ago to work my Stampin Up business full time. I still think of myself as a teacher but now I just teach adults and kids and a completely different subject.  

The kids always amaze me with their creativity. And don't even get me started talking about crafting with 4-5 year olds! It's fantastic!

4) How does my creative process work? 

I'm a visual girl so I usually will start by looking online at other demonstrators blogs, Pinterest or just googling my idea or stamp set :)  From there I'll grab my stamps, figure out a colour combo and then just dive right in. Sometimes it works out just like I imagined but more often than not it turns into something completely different.  

I think I'm asked where I get my ideas at least once a week!  I'm lucky that I don't need tons of sleep and my kids are in school full time so often I'll dream up something or be thinking of an idea before I go to bed. When I wake up I get right at it!

Here is one of those fun card ideas I made for my Club Create kids this past weekend. It's a quick peek a boo card made with Sweet Taffy Designer Series paper and I used a Crystal Effects technique for the icing on the cupcake. Mix Crystal effects and White re-inker with a toothpick and spread on top of your cupcake.  You can add any colour re-inker to make loads of different things like syrup, water or even blood -icky :)

 Now to nominate two other talented ladies that inspire me.

1) Allison Okamitsu from Nice People Stamp

Allison is not only one of this year's Artisan Award Winners she is my Stampin' UP travel buddy, my downline and a great friend.  We met over 5 years ago when she signed up with me to join and who knew that we would travel to Nashville, San Antonio, Florida, South Carolina and Utah!! She is an amazing friend and fabulously creative!  

2) Angela Mackay from North Shore Stamper

I met Angela on a Stampin UP trip to San Diego. I had followed her blog for a while but never met her in person. Luckily, I wore my Vancouver Canucks t-shirt on my travels so she came up to me in San Diego thinking I was from Vancouver. We ended up hanging together in San Diego and our husbands hit it off too! We had a fantastic dinner out on the town (still in giggles from our people watching) and I look forward to seeing her at every Stampin UP event.  She is unbelievably creative and her blog is amazing!

Hope you enjoyed the sneak peek into me and my creative process. Hop on over to Allison and Angela's blog next Monday.



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