Sunday, November 16, 2014

Lake Bonavista Craft fair - one more day!

Posting on a Sunday?  Almost unheard of with me :)

 I'm up early and ready to go to Day 2 of the Lake Bonavista Craft fair.  Here are a few more treats still available.  And I made 24 more mini coffee cups shown here so if you missed them yesterday come back today. 

Grinch Gum was super popular and a few more are left for the taking.

Super popular Snowman ornaments.  Their nose lights up.

Inside is a tea light and the translucent paper makes it glow.  Super pretty and all boxed up.

The opposite of the grinch gum for the "nice" relatives. Snowman kisses.
Just a few more of these decorative battery operated candles are left!

I didn't even take pics of my Hershey kiss trees too!  Yummy and oh so tempting when I was making them but I am proud to say I didn't eat a single kiss.

Hope to see you today but if not I hope I inspired you to create something fun today.


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