Monday, June 13, 2011

Downline PMS night!!!

Friday we had a rockin' good time at my Pizza, Music and Stampin night!   The "music" was the hockey game but that's what you get when you come here during the playoffs!!!

This event was exclusively (oo, la la) for my first level downline.  I'd love to invite everyone but until we move into a bigger house I'm afraid I have to limit it to my first level downline.  I was excited to show all the fun things I received while I was on the cruise, give us a chance to check out the new catalogue, and of course stamp!

When they arrived my downline were greeted with this.

Yep, really truly that is the new Idea Book and Catalogue underneath those covers. Everyone received their own cattie completely bound, pocketed and ready to start planning those workshops! Some of them already had them (demonstrators get a sneak peek copy with their first order) but for many it was there first look at the new STUFF!

I planned this make n' take.  I'll be honest, I CASED this from the cruise.

And then the ladies got to work.  I open up my crafting room and all my supplies and they can stamp as much or as little as they like. I had some new stamp sets, to show off and they could create or CASE from my stash whatever they chose.  Here are a few shots from the night.  I missed getting a pic of Monica and Heather but I'll get you next time. 

I have an ink obsession!

Tables ready to go!

I can't wait for our next meeting after Convention in July!

If you want to come to our next meeting.  Call me!  We can chat about how Stampin UP can fit into your life.


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  1. Thanks so much Kristine for a really fabulous evening! I had a blast!