Saturday, June 25, 2011

Pictures from Skagway

I found some more photos of our trip and thought I'd share them on this crazy weekend of ours.  The kids have ball hockey all weekend and thought I'd show them today since stamping will be coming in second place this weekend.  I hope to be back in here on Monday with ink up to my elbows!!

These are photos of Skagway.

The train depot in the city center of Skagway.
On our excursion to take the train along the White Pass route to the Yukon.
Scenery along the way - it was VERY high.  I'm not so great with heights so while Pete was looking out the window I was staring straight ahead.
Way, way in the distance is our cruise ship.

Lovely waterfall along the route

Passing over one of the many bridges.

At the top.  Northwest Mounted Police, I believe.
As we left Skagway, the ocean was so peaceful and you can even see a glacier in the distance.

Sigh, take me back there. . .

Have a great weekend!



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