Thursday, June 2, 2011

I have Canuck Fever!

Sorry but this post is full of excuses.

I have diagnosed myself and figured out why I have no creative mojo and why my blog posts are almost non-existent.  I HAVE CANUCK FEVER!  Yep, I do and so does my family. I said to Pete last night that we all had different shirts on last night for the game and Pete said " but WE ARE ALL CANUCKS!"  Ha ha!

I promise I'll get better with consistent posting once Vancouver wins the cup and hockey is over!

Meanwhile go check out the retirement list and go shopping will ya!



1 comment:

  1.'s hard to be motivated to work when you're just returned from a fabulous trip, you've already earned the next one, AND your team is in the finals and going to win the cup!!! I completely understand ;)