Wednesday, November 2, 2011

A weekend cookie treat!

During my weekend Card Buffet I wanted to try out the new Sweet Pressed Cookie stamps.
 They are 20.95 and come with the wooden handle and three interchangeable stamps - a pumpkin face, snowflake and heart.  Great for the three winter holidays. Stampin UP if you are listening we'd love to see more of these for those spring holidays.

The stamps come with two recipes and I tried the Sugar Cookie recipe - YUM! I "inked" the stamp in flour before stamping the round balls of cookie dough and it worked great.

For all of those who asked we had a fun Halloween.  Nathan was Darth Vader and Andrew was a Jawa.  Here are a few pictures of our Halloween evening.

Of course after you collect it then you have to sort it!

 Have a fun day and don't eat too much candy :)


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