Friday, January 27, 2012

One more event!

Just a quick post  - I'm pretty pooped!

I'm finishing off my third event in three nights tonight and I feel like the little engine that could.  I think I can, I think I can . . .(actually I don't have much choice as people keep showing up at my house :) Just kidding.

I'm really excited about tonight since it's my scrapbooking club meeting tonight and I haven't seen these ladies since NOVEMBER!!!   We will have loads to catch up on.

We will be scrapbooking snowy pics this month.  The inspiration for this page from the Stampin UP idea site Stampin Connection.  I love how demos from all over the globe share their creativity.  

I love the snowman peeking over the top.  I added a few crystal effects icicles on the final page.

Thanks for stopping in.


PS Question for the regular stalkers . . . I generally set my posts to go online  for 10am.  Do you like to check blogs early or later??  Do you want me to set it for earlier???  Feedback please.


  1. Earlier please! Although I'll check every day no matter what time you post!

  2. For me it doesn't matter, I am used to 10 o'clock now but will enjoy it no matter what time.