Friday, April 13, 2012

Are you kidding me??

This is what yesterday arrived in Calgary!  Of course it's on a day when I had 3 family members arriving at the airport.  All is good and everyone wasn't delayed but what a rude awakening for those not used to this madness!

Anyways, back to stamping some more cheerier things.  

On Wednesday evening we had our club meeting and I thought I'd share with you the samples we made.

I'm on a black thing now.  Black with a splash of colour!

The super cute Petite Purse die available now until April 30!

A great technique to use up those scraps and pieces of pattern paper I know we all hoard.  See more black.

Well, I will try my darndest to stamp something new today but since my mom and dad are in town it might be a tad rude to seclude myself into my scrapbook room.  AND it's her birthday today too so that would be REALLY rude!

I'll try though :)

Merry Christmas (at least if you live in Alberta today).


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