Thursday, April 19, 2012

The best customers ever!

I just have to say I have the best customers ever!  I had a class last night which happened to be on the same night as a very important hockey game.  (I'm watching the game as I type this now). Well, a few of them know my love for the Vancouver Canucks (even though they are Calgary fans) but they kidded about leaving before the game started.  They know I won't kick them out (as if) but they were so thoughtful quickly make your projects thinking that I probably wanted to watch the game.  You are the greatest, but you didn't HAVE to leave right away :)

While I'm not delusional to think my team can come back from being down 3 games in the series it doesn't waiver my support!  They CAN win this game!  Go Canucks Go!!!

One of my favourite cards I made.  CASED from Meghan Nishi, What's up Canuck stamp from one of my kids camp girls.
I took this pic when we went to Rogers arena for a game at Christmas time.  It's HUGE!  That's what I have "Heart of a Canuck"

 Now for the creative side of this post.  A couple of days ago I was finishing up my club projects and had to use up the kits I had made.  Remember I'm on this black card thing, but I quite like them.

 Simple but fun!

Have a great day!


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