Monday, June 25, 2012

Proud mom moment!

I just have to share what a fun and busy weekend we had here at the Burns household.

This was playoff weekend for ball hockey and 5 games over Fri, Sat and Sun and a piano recital to boot!  The ball hockey regular season was not very kind to the kids as they finished with a record of 1-11.  The worst part was the team won the 1st game and we were in Florida for that game, so my boys had not won a game all year.  

Enter the playoffs - we were ranked 8th, out of 8 and we had to play the first placed team (who had 11 wins and one tie) on Friday night.  They team played amazing and WON!  The parents were going crazy and the kids were soo excited.  

Fast forward to Sat and they had to play the 4th and 5th placed teams.  Guess what??  They won both of those games as well  - we were heading on to the semi finals.  Andrew scored a goal in the first game too!!!

Sunday was less kind as they lost the semi-final game 2-3 so we were relagated to the bronze medal game where they faced the same 1st placed team we beat on Fri evening.  Sad to say we ended up losing but the kids fought sooo hard and I'm super proud of they way they rebounded from a less than stellar regular season and played fantastically as a TEAM!  The Grizzlies ended up coming fourth and thus no medal for the kids.  Why don't they give medals for 4th???? Such a bummer :(

In the end we are SO proud of how much energy the kids brought to each practice and game!  Andrew was a force in the corners with multiple chances on the breakaway and Nathan was a great shut down center, not bad for starting the year on defense.  We are happy about the break for summer but looking forward to next season!

Oops, maybe I celebrated a bit too soon.  We do have hockey again next weekend for Nathan's Fury team.  Another exciting weekend to look forward too!

Thanks for checking in and I'll have a creative post tomorrow!


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