Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Happy April 1st!

I can't believe I can type April 1st and there still be piles of snow on the ground.  Who is kidding who here.  Last week was our spring break although there wasn't much of the fun spring happenings going on at least anything outside!

Over the break we celebrated Nathan's birthday with his choice of cake (chocolate with vanilla icing and blue whales to decorate) and a full day of skiing!

And I won Best Mom of the Year!  Why you ask?  We bought him a ping pong game with an anywhere net and paddles.  So when mom doesn't have classes guess what we do in the living room!  Hopefully my walls will survive!

You may have checked in to see the WOW class for this month but I'm going to have to postpone this month's class.  We have a busy schedule with Science Fair, Ball hockey playoffs and try outs and my parents are coming for a visit so I'll be holding the next WOW class in May.

Check back tomorrow to see a cool waterfall card on my break!


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