Monday, April 7, 2014

Kids camp mess!

What a fantastic weekend!  Gorgeous weather, and a fun and messy kids camp I planned.  Despite my best intentions I had to take loads of pics of our projects this weekend - I forgot.  I did get some messy pic of our shaving cream paper dying but not of everything so I'll share what we did do.

Our baking craft or a melting one as I called it.  
Easter Pretzels:

Waffle pretzel and a coloured candy melt.   Bake for 10 min in a 225 degree oven.

Add candy and sprinkles to decorate.

Put in fridge to harden chocolate - Voila!
 Shaving Cream technique :  Spray layer of shaving cream onto plate.  Squirt reinkers randomly onto shaving cream. Swirl with small stick and press paper into cream.  Remove excess with paper towels in a swirling motion.



and some pretty paper

Makes some pretty cool cards.

 Each person chose three different colours to create their own pattern paper.  We didnt have a ton of time to create all 5 cards but they did their best to prep and bunch of things and will assemble when they get home.

 Here are my finished cards.

I'll take some more pics tonight and post the other two craft we made this weekend.

Thanks for checking in.


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