Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Kids camp crafts part 2

"I love this, it's so much fun.  Way easier than knitting"

"I love weaving, I'm going to do this rather than play on my iPad" 

Just some of the comments I heard this weekend when I taught the kids how to straw weave.  I'm not sure why this idea popped into my head but I remember learning this in Brownies many, many years ago.  I'm so happy I thought of it as the kids loved it and were excited about getting their own ball of yarn.

Straw Weaving

I forgot to take some pics of the kids weaving but here is a photo plus some online instructions.  

And my Inky Thumbs group created a fun center piece for Easter dinner.

It's club tonight for the adults so I'll share more of what we have been up to with my Cardmakers group.



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