Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Halloween Kids camp recap

This past weekend we had a super fun Kids camp!  Don't you just love it when all things go as planned.

First we made these adorable pumpkins for a center piece for their Thanksgiving dinners. I actually helped make 90 of these for a Stampin Up event and they were so cute I had to try them again with the kids. I believe the creator of this idea is Tamara Bertram.  Thanks for the idea Tamara!

 Then my Club Create group made this beautiful door hanger.  One of my downline shared this idea she found on Pinterest and I thought it was beautiful.  Thank you to Carol Payne for the original idea.

 And last but not least BOO bags!   Have you ever Boo'd anyone?  I remember doing this with the kids when they were little but not since.  So after we did the kids camp the boys each made 3 ghosts and a simple version of the bag of candy (aka ziploc bags) and boo'd a few on our street.  Can't wait to see who else will have a ghost in their window.

Here is the poem.

Halloween is in the air!
We boo’d your house,
but don’t be scared.

We like you a lot and think you’re neat,
So we left you this bag of Halloween treats.

Who could we be?
We never will tell.
That would break the BOO fun spell!

Happy Halloween!

I also added these instructions too.

Hang this ghost in your window to let neighbours know you have been “Boo’d”.  Copy this ghost poem and “Boo” 3 other friends.  

Have a great day!



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