Tuesday, September 14, 2010


Today I received an order of supplies (yes, it's like Christmas here every week it seems) and although I knew it before I am now convinced.  I need help!

As many of you know, I'm a little organization freak! Okay a BIG organization freak! I use a lot of paper and have used this basket system since I started Stampin Up.  It has gone through several revisions but this is my fave - organized alphabetically.  It's easy to find any colour.  Oops, I just looked at the photo again and see that Whisper White at the front.  Okay it's organized alphabetically after Whisper White and Very Vanilla.  Do you know how much Whisper White I use!

Now I have to say even though this seems like a lot of paper it isn't nearly enough for the card buffets, clubs and kids camp projects (or that is what I tell Pete).  So, I have this shelf in my room that holds the "overstock" of paper.  You know my faves, extra packs of Whisper White etc.   Well, it's full.  The overstock is full.  Time to call 1-800-Addicted to paper (not Hoarders!)

** For any demonstrator viewing this it really is my stash for clubs and such, not cash and carry - I know I'm totally fueling my own addiction, but doesn't it look pretty :)

Off to work on a new project.



  1. Fuel away! I like your addiction! I know where to find something to borrow when I run out!

  2. LOL! I knew there was another reason I have to buy so much. Ha ha ha!