Sunday, September 12, 2010

Today was so much fun!

Since I stopped teaching preschool I have been way too busy to miss it, but today I got my fix.

Just before class started and I was setting up Nathan innocently asked me, "Mom, what do you like best about Stampin Up?" In my hurried state, I quickly answered, "I don't know." He responded, " Is it teaching?"  Now after a long day of teaching I can definitely say, "Yes, it is just one of the things I love about my job."  

Now to share with you another thing I love about Stampin UP - CREATING!  I found this idea on my friend Rose's site and I just had to make some for myself.  Gerbers are probably my second favourite flower (second only to tulips) and then I found this tutorial.  Totally unbelievable huh?  Flowers I can have year round in CALGARY!  Nathan really loved these when he saw them and he says they even smell like real flowers  . . . but then again he believes in the tooth fairy.


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