Thursday, January 13, 2011

Leadership update

Morning, (well I started this in the morning but now it is the evening sorry that I didn't get to finish this post)
After being up for 48 hours, a 2 1/2 hour nap on the flights I finally had a great sleep last night after a fabulous time at Manager's Reception.
Ready to board the buses to Manager's Reception

Allison (my downline), me and Kim (my up, up, upline)
We gathered to board buses to sight unknown and ended up here.

 What a fun night of line dancing, food, and many laughs.
Our supper mate, Heather, singing up a storm.  She was hilarious!

Everyone got cowboy hats adorned with Antique brads and Chocolate Chip grosgrain!!

Yummy chocolate cake! I forgot to take a photo of the dinner because I ate it too fast. 

Brother Trouble on stage!

Line dancing was a blast!  Allison and I were dancing up a storm. Only a few toes stepped on.

Shelli Gardner and me - eeek!  Way exciting!

After we came back to the hotel we received an awesome treat!  I have to keep it under wraps though - sorry!

I'm heading to bed and hopefully can have some time to post a few more pics from Leadership. 


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