Friday, March 23, 2012

Zombie Kitty

This post is a bit off but you'll get a better chance to see what I've been up this past week.

A couple of weeks ago my friend, Jacquie was telling me about this show that she's been watching - The Walking Dead.  Have you heard of it?  Well, I hadn't heard of it but listening to her re-tell the plot lines and how intense the shows are peeked my curiosity.   She had season one on DVD so she let me borrow it.

On Tuesday I plugged it in and got to work on my swaps.  Then ACK!  She was not kidding when she said the show was INTENSE!!! I was jumping around my scrapbook room, covering my eyes and watching the scenes in between fingers and even staring down at my kitties (thinking happy thoughts) hoping all the characters wouldn't die!!  Just a warning if you haven't seen this show it is DEFINITELY not for the faint of heart - lots of blood or fake blood and quite gross!! BUT sooo good and addicting!  I don't usually like stuff like that but I can say I'm hooked now.  If anyone knows of a way to find season 2 online (the dvd is not out until July, I think) please let me know!!!!

On to the funny creative side of this post.

While I was making the Hello Kitty swaps (and watching The Walking Dead) I kept thinking how this show is warping my mind and if I wasn't careful they would end up looking like zombie kitties.  So I had to make this one as a joke . . .

I wouldn't dare swap it with anyone but I thought it was pretty funny.  Hey, it uses all current Stampin UP products (eyeball and mouth from the Make a Monster set).  I used a black pen to make the stitches.  I'm all set for Halloween!

Have a great weekend and start to Spring Break!! Yahoo!!!

PS I'm working on my newsletter and a list of new classes for April and May.  Watch your email boxes this weekend.



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