Thursday, March 22, 2012

Hello Kitty swaps

Greetings :)

This week has been wonderful.  I've prepped for my upcoming classes, the weather has been great and I've been stamping what I want to stamp. 

Enough babbling, on to what I've stamped. . . 

I used this "me" time to stamp my swaps for my upcoming Stampin UP trip.  I'm participating in a swap and share night on the Disney incentive trip so I thought I'd make some Hello Kitty cards to share.  Yes, they are a little labour intensive but I only had to make 26. Even 26 seemed like a lot once I got to putting those bows on.

These are teeny weeny in real life.

Bowless Kitties

All dressed up

Finished swaps!

I told Pete I'm ready to go to Disney now - swaps are done!  His response?  I don't think I'll do swaps this time.  What a character he is!

Tomorrow I'll share a bit of a twist to the Hello Kitty card and my latest obsession!


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