Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Happy Birthday Nathan

Today is Nathan's 10th Birthday.   I can't believe it!  I have two kids in double digits!!

Here are some cute pics Pete found.

 Yep, still has the crazy hair (when it's longer), super cute smile and still loves his onsie jammies!!

We are having a family celebration today and a friend party in a couple of weeks. Nathan is a Star Wars nut (Happy Potter too) but for this party he picked a Star Wars theme.

Here are the invitations I created with help from Rose Coleman's fantastic punched instructions here.   I saved this card from Heather Summer's mom's card and I saw CASE all the way!

Happy Birthday buddy!



  1. Happy Birthday Nathan!!

  2. Adorable pictures! Happy Birthday Nathan!

  3. Awww! Love your card!!! Thanks for mentioning me on your blog, Kristine!! I just saw this now as I have been so busy and I've not had a chance to check any of my favorite blogs.