Monday, July 30, 2012

Remember me??

Hi everyone

Sorry for the long vacation from posting.  I've had a fun week with the kids going bowling, the movies and fun stuff around the house too.   

I'll have some more creative and regular posts this week or that is my goal.  I'm officially back to work beginning on Wednesday so please keep checking back.

I have to share some pics with you from my fun weekend at Elbow Falls on Saturday.

It was a gorgeous sunny day!  We went early and staked out a picnic spot.

Beautiful scenery with guys!

My kind of camping.  Nathan asked if I would one day go camping with them.  Here is my "trial run"without the sleeping on the ground.
See I can make a mean marshmallow.  Andrew called it beginner's luck.  I did remind him that I have made s'mores before.

We used chocolate covered digestive cookies to make them.  Less mess - or at least that's what Pete tells me.  They're still pretty messy, but oh so good.

The kids spent an hour throwing rocks in the river.  Most were smaller than this one :)

This is the reason why we had a fun day at the Falls.  It was the BIG 4-0 for me!
And lookeee what I got for my birthday - and seriously it's for my scrapbook room!!!!  Just in time for the Olympics!

I hope you have a fantastic Monday and a great start to the week!



  1. Happy Birthday, Kristine! Looks like you had a great time. Seriously, though. You should try camping, lots of fun!