Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Big exciting day tomorrow!!! Orchard Harvest and H & S

Thank you for the birthday wishes :)  It brightened my day PLUS I went out for breakfast with friends.  I don't get a chance to do that nearly enough:)  Thanks ladies for a fun Monday morning.

I realized that today is the last day of the Reason to Smile promotion and I have not used that set nearly enough :(  So sad, I guess that's what summer brain does to you.

BUT on a happy note tomorrow is the start of August and the start of the Holiday Seasonal Catalogue ordering period- YES!!!  Now that is a reason to smile!!!  I absolutely love ALL of the products in this catalogue.  It's hard not too.  At Convention I was able to see and feel many of these products up close.

Check out the cool displays they had featuring the Holiday Seasonal Catalogue goodies.

This card is also in the catalogue and absolutely stunning in person.

Designer Ribbon slides (127834) $6.95 for 16 pieces

Designer Buttons in Brushed Bronze (127833) $8.95 for 16 buttons

The Monster Munchies set is uber cute and essential for all those planning to have a Halloween party or Halloween party favours.


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  1. Hi! Welcome back! Glad you had fun at convention!
    Happy BELATED (oops!) Birthday to you! Hope it was terrific.