Tuesday, July 17, 2012

We're here!!

YAY!  Thanks to our fearless leader and her expertise driving skills we arrived in Salt Lake at 10pm.  There were several hairy scary moments driving in torrential downpour and hail but we arrived safe and sound.  I had no doubt!

This is what it appeared like from the back seat.  See those windshield wipers working over time!

Fast forward to Tuesday and it was shopping day!!!  Last year we planned to come a day earlier than usual so we could hit up the outlet mall in Park City as well as my fave Target.  I had so much fun and found quite a few great deals.  Along with my roommates we filled the trunk with our goodies and are very thankful to NOT be flying so we have more room for STUFF!  Less money to take home but more STUFF!  

This morning we visited the Sweet's Candy factory here in Salt Lake City.  I booked a factory tour for us (Kim, Allison, Jes and myself).  Imagine the smells of the chocolate, taffy and jelly beans can create.  YUM!  I couldn't take photos inside the working factory but here are some pics of the store.  All four of us filled our bags with salt water taffy to take home.  I told the boys that I was going so I can not go home empty handed.

This factory has been in Salt Lake City from 1900!!!

Look at the cute rug into the building

Look at that SALT WATER TAFFY!  They had smore's, buttered popcorn and even chocolate cookie dough!!

We could pick and choose the flavours we wanted or buy larger bulk bags.  We bought a bit to take home, just a bit.

Tomorrow it's Momento Mall and bag pick up day!  More shopping here we come!!!  And Pete if you are reading this which I doubt - um, I really didn't buy that much and I'll be scheduling some more classes to pay for what I did buy :)


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