Monday, November 5, 2012

Kids Camp projects - Let it snow :)

I can't believe I just typed that!

In Club Create this month we created some Let it Snow banners.  It's too early to make Christmas creations so I opted for snow. 

These were some messy table pictures I took while they were creating.

And here are their creations.  Some followed my sample and other added their own touches.

A winking penguin

I love the snow flurry on the letter N.

Super cute mittens

And I love the green mitts on this one.
 As per usual when we make a fun craft with the kids I get some requests from parents to join in the fun.  I have had a few requests to make this banner in an adult class so if you are interested please let me know and I'll try and find a day in the near future for you!

Thanks for checking in!


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  1. What age are the kids? Do you limit the number of kids? What do you charge? And do you have the parents stay and help? Thanks!